John McGraw

John McGraw – Senior Event CoordinatorSenior Event Coordinator
John McGraw is a native of Galesburg, IL and has been with Event Solutions for 23 years. He leads our team onsite installers at each of our events. He also manages our Shipping/Warehouse/Woodworking facility located in Galesburg, IL . John has extensive experience in all facets of special event operations management. He is a true asset to the team. John also manages the installation of our custom picket fence operations. There is no problem that John can’t solve. John also handles all of our Scheduling and housing for our staff and installers.

Jeremy Smith

Operations & Budgeting Manager
Jeremy ID
Jeremy Smith is a native of Galesburg, IL and has been with Event Solutions for 6 years. Jeremy is a graduate of Northern Illinois University with a bachelor’s degree in Finance. Jeremy is the Production Coordinator and handles much of the day to day operations in our printing facility. With his financial background Jeremy is extensively involved with the budgeting and invoicing process with our clients. Jeremy also manages many of our onsite projects, including decal installation and onsite production.

Nick Franzen

Production Manager
nickf@eventsolved.comNick Franzen – Production Manager
Nick Franzen is a native Sheboygan, WI and directs our in-house production of all of our graphics. He is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin STOUT with a Degree in Business and a Minor in Graphic Communications Management. His knowledge of the printing industry always keeps our products on the cutting edge. Nick used to travel to each event and assist with installation but has since planted roots back in Sheboygan. Nick is a true asset of the team.

Ken Fournier Jr.

Vice President – Partner
Ken Fournier is a Native of Eau Claire, WI and directs our onsite installation and overKenny Headshot Formalall project management. He is a Graduate of the University of Wisconsin STOUT with a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Communications Management. Previously Ken held a position as a Teaching Professional at the Eau Claire Golf and Country Club, Eau Claire, WI and was the Director of the Junior Golf Program. Ken has been with Event Solutions for 12 years. He spends most of his time onsite in close communications with our clients or in our Sales office in the Minneapolis / St. Paul area. In addition Ken is heavily involved with our sales and marketing efforts and manages our website.


Jeff Sirek

Production Manager


Jeff Sirek is a native of New Prague, MN and has been with Event Solutions for 5 years. Jeff is a graduate of the San Diego Golf Academy and holds and Associates Degree in Business Management with an emphasis in Golf Operations Management. His career in golf operations has spanned more than 10 years as Assistant Golf Professional at Legend Trail Golf Club – Scottsdale, AZ and Boulder Point – Elko, MN.  Jeff’s extensive industry experience lends itself to be extremely valuable and effective in our onsite project management.  Jeff is the Operations Coordinator focusing on preparing and executing the multitude of complex projects our clients demand.