The team at EVENT SOLUTIONS has over 60 years of marketing and merchandising experience. This vast experience and expertise will give YOUR event the extra dynamics and impact, sponsors, patrons, customers and/or team members desire. We are prepared to handle ALL of your event signage needs from flags, banners, decals, boards, signs, and fencing. Our customers will attest to the quality and satisfaction of our workmanship and professionalism.

Our capabilities include:

Site Planning
On-Site Labor
Local Road Plans
Unlimited Installation / Deinstallation
Timely Artwork / Design
In-House Signage Production
On-Site Sponsor / Vendor Signage
New Material Development
Storage/Inventory Management


Our entrance structures are a funtional inexpensive way to identify and represent your event. Our expert installers are prepared to put our entrance structures ANYWHERE! There are many designs that we have created to enhance the overall look of your event. We strive to follow the style of your event. Large or small, we have done it all.


  • Cost Efficient
  • Functional
  • Sponsor / Brand Presentation
  • Custom to your Needs
  • Installs anywhere


All of our signs and banners are produced in house in our state of the art printing plant. Our plant and headquarters located in Sheboygan Wisconsin allow us to produce our signs in a very timely fashion so we can provide our clients with a smooth proofing and production process. We eliminate the middle man and provide you a personal experience. We always tell our clients that we can print anything on anything, and we have yet to find something we can’t print on!


  • Highest resolution digital and screen printing
  • Multiple substrate options (what we print on)
  • Color Matching
  • Unlimited sizes
  • 1-on-1 service directly with our art/production department
  • Detailed proofing process so we provide exactly what you need!
  • Last minute order fulfillment


A great way to add movement and panache to your event is to display flags. Whether it is custom event logo flags or country flags, we can create what you need. We also provide a custom modular aluminum flag poles that we can either install free standing or attach them to any structure. We house a large inventory of flag poles which are ready at any time for your event. 


  • Add movement and color
  • Modular custom length aluminum flagpoles
  • Proprietary ground support system
  • Banner arm assembly available to add signage opportunities
  • Custom printed or embroidered flags


Many of our client’s events demand a one of a kind brand presentation for their sponsors. We have developed multiple signage programs to enhance sponsor logo placement and brand recognition. Chances are you have seen a logo we have placed, either it be on Television or in print media. If it’s a small sign or a 20’ x 80’ banner, we know where to place it for maximum exposure. On course signage also presents spectators and players with a professional presentation of each hole layout, yardage, and par. We also provide a signage system that clearly identifies where spectators and players alike can walk from hole to hole.


  • Sponsor Logo Placement
  • Spectator Flow and direction
  • Continuous theme and image throughout entire event


Many of our clients require structures to be identified. We have developed a system of decals and adhesive graphics to be applied to most structures that tastefully represent the event. Our team of installers have extensive experience in all possible situations. We have installed decals as high at 100 ft !


  • Structure and Tent Identification
  • Logo Placement and Tasteful Presentation
  • Professional installation


If your event requires decorative crowd control, we have developed a custom picket fence product that provides a safe, attractive solution. Many of our client’s hospitality areas require a fencing solution that not only aesthetically pleasing but also passes the building code. Our fence not only attaches to the substructure of any structure as well as can be installed free standing on any surface.


  • Professional in-house Installation – passes building code
  • Rakes to Ground Contour – Pickett are always vertical
  • Custom length, curves, slopes, etc
  • Carefree Maintenance
  • Flat Fee Solutions or Per Section & Linear Foot Packages Leasing
  • Our inventory has 15,000 linear feet for use
  • De-installation service


Many of our events need custom made items based specifically on the needs of that specific event. Over the years we have developed numerous items that have multiple uses. For some of our golf events we have developed, Driving range name panels, paring sheet boxes, Custom directionals and many others. Our proprietary sign post structure along with our “Drivepoint” ground system has been a great success as we have found hundreds of uses. We are prepared to provide you with the proper cost effective solution to your needs. All of our wood products are produced in house in our woodworking facility.


  • In house custom production
  • Any quantity from 1 to 1000
  • Multiple uses


Our team strives to provide the best Client – Vendor relationship. Our motto “We take signage and graphics off of your plate, and put it on ours”, has served in the best interest of our clients for many years. We know firsthand how signage and graphics can demand a lot of time. Our overall goal is to reduce the amount of time you spend on signs, so you can effectively use your time on other facets of your event. Our extensive knowledge and experience have lead to our team to become experts in locating and installing signage. We develop a plan, proof the plan, and our clients then approve the plan. This allows us to effectively manage our time once we arrive on-site.


  • Timely – Deadline oriented professional installation
  • Client’s reduction of “Time Spent” on signage and graphics
  • Expert signage placement and implementation
  • Custom to your Needs
  • 24/7 staffing availability


Over the 25 years we’ve been in the signage business, we have learned how important our client’s budgets are. We understand how crucial it is to get the maximum value out of every product and service. When developing a signage plan for any event, we look long term. If we can use a sign more than once, we strive to maximize the usable life of a product. We have produced some signs that we have used for 5+ years. If the inventory is maintained, cleaned and managed properly it can be used for many of your events. By developing long term productive relationships with our clients, it has been a critical part of success. It is a cost effective approach to event signage and has proved to save our clients a great deal over time.


  • Benefits of a long term relationship
  • Cost Savings
  • Increased revenue to event
  • Amortization
  • Reputable service from year to year